The Curious Tale of "Gibson Girl", the story/comic that will never be.

Posted: 22 August, 2010 in Blogging by GWT, Short Story
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So I’ve got a concept I’ve wanted to work on for some time, but because of various things ranging from time to waning inspiration to a lack of talent in a certain field, it keeps getting halfway close to realization but then fall back in the pile of ideas.

Maybe someone reading this can make use of them or help me out.

Original image by 2no

Its a girl with a Guitar. It fits the topic!

First up: Her name is Russo.

(This is best if you play this song along side everything. Really, think of it like a movie trailer and stuff)

She’s the daughter of a pair of “Magazine Mongers”, and grew up with a wealthy life. But through to a hatred of her family for setting her up to be a heir, she’s rejected that life to go star in an all girl indie band.

The band’s name is Saraswati, headed by the lead singer named Mai, Russo’s best friend since elementary school. The two are so close they could be sisters, having been through more things together than war veterans who’ve served together for decades. The best of friends, the most loyal of friends, the two have shaped this band from the ground up.

Except one thing is coming: The battle of the bands.

And, the night of, something terrible happens: Mai is assassinated, and Russo is fatally wounded.

Its the timely intervention of a scientist with questionable morals and a possibly faked English accept that saves Russo’s live. With a new mechanical heart and supercharged abilities, she and Saraswati reform and declare their intentions:

“We’re going after them. The bastards that did this to Mai will pay.”

What they don’t know is the battle of the bands is exactly that: A gauntlet, a deathmatch between every possible genre of music. Its either go all the way, or be a corpse.

But Russo’s already been a corpse once and she’s got the fire of revenge in her eyes…





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