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I finally bit the bullet: I bought a Next Gen system.

However, its not the one I expect to buy.

For months, I was harping on how much nicer the Xbox 360 is in comparison to its predecessor, the Tank known as Xbox. The game selection, the new Xbox Live, etc…it all appealed to me Immensely in comparison to the PS3 – which was a nice system that had absolutely no games – and the Wii – which alienates loyal gamers by making many waggle-gimmick games for those who are new to gaming.

Then Metal Gear Solid 4 came out. (more…)



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A GIANT Ultraman Statue made of Hundreds of Ultramen. Awesome or Awesome?

Bright! Our Future!!

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Coming this November, for one month only, Bright! Our Future!!



We all love robots. How could we not? They’ve been a fundamental part of our childhood. Between cartoons and toys and movies, every man, woman, and child love robots and wish they had one of their own.


We don’t really like aliens too much. Something about them just seems…Alien. Like something that should not be there, but just won’t go away no matter how hard you try. They invade, they destroy, they impregnate you with horrible alien spawn and then never call you when your baby burst out of your chest.

Robots fighting Aliens.

That, we can agree on, is awesome.

Being the pilot of said robot fighting aforementioned aliens.

That, we also agree, is just as awesome.

My name is Leon Henry Mirel. I pilot something known as a Jacket Armor. Believe me, saving the world isn’t nearly as fun as one would it is.

In fact, its so much better when you simply hate aliens and LOVE robots!

And chicks dig robots…

Coming this November to a NaNoWriMo near you!

On NHWS and Cocytus

Posted: 17 June, 2008 in Blogging by GWT

A dev-blog for Cocytus Investigations has sprang to life in the suddenness of suddenness!

See it here to follow the progress.


…By the way, for those of you who care, Let Life Loose isn’t dead. ROUNDABOUT is on pause for a while, but 3L will be written alongside the Cocytus development.


So,  just saw The Incredible Hulk.

No, wait, let me say that again.


Now, three things.

  1. Since when did comercials become a fundamental part of movies? I had to sit through ten minutes of them before the real movie previews began!
  2. It seems Marvel Studios is quite possibly the best thing Marvel could have done with its franchises. With this and Iron Man under their belt, it seems we’ve got a bright future for super hero movies that remain faithful to their source material. From shout outs to the classic TV show to a few stabs at the 2003 movie along with a brilliant Stan Lee Cameo (lets just say he doesn’t make it), the references are a gold mine for Marvel fans.
  3. The Avengers seems to be a go. With Tony Stark, Nick Fury, and Bruce Banner under the belt, it almost seems as if they’re going to relive the original debut of the team, though whether its the Original Original or Ultimate Original remains to be seen. The fact there’s Thor and Captain America movies in the pipeline only helps this fact.

Now go! Go see the movie! WATCH HULK SMASH! SMASH! SMASH!!!