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Web War 4T&T

Posted: 27 July, 2009 in Article, Blogging by GWT

Internet Censorship.

Are you ready for what promises to be the craziest exchanges between a website and a company known to man?

By cutting off a website, AT&T invoked ire. But to cut off 4chan of all places is simply asking for retaliation. Its like going into a bar and discriminating against everyone in it: it’ll only end with drunken fighting and tears. No one will get out without being affected (maybe) and the drinks will have long since been spilled and dried.

I for one welcome the upcoming battles that are to come. It’ll do nothing but provide much needed entertainment in the long run.

EDIT: Dissapointingly, AT&T states that the issue was them dealing with a virus originating from 4chan (albeit poorly). No censorship, no Web War.


On LiveJournal

Posted: 20 July, 2009 in Blogging by GWT
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I accidentally have one now due to the OpenID infection that is GWT.
I don’t have a clue what to do with it.
Someone suggest something, huh?