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Posted: 29 April, 2008 in Blogging by GWT
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What exactly determines a nerd?

The automatic reaction to such a question is “any socially ackward individual who spends their time glued to a computer or video games and lives in their mother’s basement.” But, we all know that’s a total cop-out of an answer. Others might give the answer of “a person who obsesses over something to the point that it’s ridiculously embarassing.”

I suggest to you that the meaning is null and void in the year of 2008, as everyone is a nerd and they don’t even realize it.


On Social Networks

Posted: 25 April, 2008 in Blogging by GWT
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…I never thought this day would come…

Now, I’ve been the strongest resistor of Social Networking. Myspace always seemed like a horrible waste of space on the internet, spewing a horrible swarm of idiot 13 year old kids onto the web from its terribly bloated servers and messy interface and all those terrible myspace pages were just god awful and offending.

I swore I would never make one. Ever.

Well, I kept my promise. And then joined Facebook.

Why? Why did I do this? Well, therein comes the issue: I have no idea where any of my friends from High school went. In fact, I lost all their numbers in the great upheaval and thus this is the only way for me to connect to them. It hurts, its cold, it makes me sad.

…I’ve been assimilated. But I’m lonely.

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Prologue is now Live.

On The Delete Button

Posted: 19 April, 2008 in Blogging by GWT
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This Button is EVIL


Turns out when you screw up and delete the wrong thing, it really sucks. You wind up losing everything and, uh, there’s no undo button so… yeah.


So, lets just be thankful most of the recent post were backed up and that the pages remained untouched. Lets pretend my idiocy is just my idiocy and move right along with something new.