The Obama Youth Problem

The Truth of Barack Obama’s “Health Care Plan”:

Presiden Barack Hussein Obama claims that his renovations to health care will renovate the way the nations citizens will be handled in regards to any medical funds. He claims that the universal government health care plan will help everyone, the sick and the healthy, the poor and the wealthy.

But lets shed light on how innovative his ideas truly are:

  • FACT: Did you know Obama’s Health Care plan only affects people of a certain age group? Not only that, but the plan doesn’t cover mental illnesses either.

  • In fact, Obama’s plan involves euthanasia: Anyone over 70 or afflicted by any mental illnesses are to be rounded up and brought to a local senate, where they will be judged. If the person in question does not display themselves as being productive to our society, they will be exterminated to ensure the purity of the citizens of the United States!

This revolutionary idea is proof that Obama is what they say he is: A Socialist, A Marxist, and THE ANTICHRIST!

If not for our servant of the lord, Sarah Palin, this abomination of a plan would have gone unnoticed and unchallenged. But not anymore! You can do everything in your power to help!

  • Obama needs young soldiers to fight for his cause and round up the ‘Impure’. If you run into anyone sporting one of Obama’s logos, assume that person is a member of the Obama Youth! Be sure to kill them on sight – reporting them to law enforcement is little good when their leader can waive them out of any trouble!
  • Anyone who follows Obama’s way is an enemy to the country, and anyone who supports this Obamination of an idea is worse than any hippie liberal! We must do everything in our power to oppose Obama, to send his ideas crashing. Stage protests, be they peaceful or violent or otherwise if it can undermine his authority!

  • The preachings of our leader Rush Limbaugh are the absolute truth: Everything Obama does will fail, and we will do everything in our power to do so! Do not relent! No member of the elderly or the sick should have to stand before his Death Panel!

  • Remember, Obama may not even be a true, red blooded American, but a dirty immigrant who cheated his way into the White House! If this is true, then his treacherous ways know no bounds! Even that, he could even be a Muslim – a religious TERRORIST! He must be stopped before his Jihadist ways claim our country’s integrity!

Fight this oppression, and fight the liberals “Messiah”! We must do everything in our power to oppose this socialist, Muslim threat to save our America, our Democracy!

Fight the Death Panel and you too can join the True Americans of the Right!

[This has been a paid service announcement by the True Americans of the Right!]


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