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Was looking through emails in an old account when I found this gem that I wrote for…something. It’d be a shame to not put it somewhere, so–


Without any fan fare, without going wild,  the word “tranquility” is close to my love
To anticipate how people act? To live so plainly? Even with that, remember you can’t escape the law

“It’s pleasant, isn’t it?” By saying such a thing, the clapping of the hands seem to call me to dance
But how can that be? Can I not see it? Over time I’ve fallen in love with the demon called “fame”

The goals we work toward are the same, the flowers bloom at a high price
We have to struggle on like this, or else our paths will differ

In the world of endless white, I take a vow
“Until I burn to ashes, even if in obscurity, I’ll never show my tears”
The white snow flutters about in this world as I begin to ask questions
The meaning of success, and my own influence

Ethics are important, and minding your manners, “The ordinary” is what I call love
Despite this, how can this be? Am I not here? The eternal demon “fame” is always loved

The demon residing in my heart appears quickly
Can my hand reach for what I desire? Can dreams really come true?

In the world of endless darkness, I cry out
“I’ll cast aside this bothersome reason at once, now, let’s go on!”
The white snow flutters about in this world as I begin to ask questions
The meaning of justice, and my own influence

Straight to the point, “Fuck you all!” is the thought you have since you just can’t take it anymore
But even when you fall into the abyss, you can claw your way back to heaven

In the world of endless space, I take a vow
“Until I burn to ashes, even if we die in obscurity, I’ll never show my tears”
The white snow flutters about in this world as I begin to ask questions
The meaning of life, and my own influence

Sounds kind of Emo. Must’ve been writing about a rock group or something…


On Coffee…

Posted: 8 November, 2008 in Blogging by GWT

I was just in Borders when I came across this little thing.

Isn't it the cutest thing?

Isn't it just the cutest thing?

I almost didn’t want to drink it.

On President Obama…

Posted: 7 November, 2008 in Blogging by GWT
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I simply couldn’t resist.

The term true heartache comes to mind.

So, upon my recent trip home (Pictures coming soon), I had the great idea to leave my PS3 with my family so I can have it accounted for while I’m overseas. This was fine and nice, as it was a good way to gurantee it’s safety because I’ll be damned if I take it over to Afghanistan, a warzone. Especially uninsured.

The following week, Little Big Planet came out.

Now, me listening to the internet, I knew I’d miss little big planet. However, I thought it was delayed. I was sure I was going to already be ready to go when they were to release it. But to learn people broke the delay and sold the game anyway?

Now I have to miss out on awesome levels like this one…

My heart…she aches. But then she fully exploded when Fallout 3 came out.

Oh god, how can I list the ways I’ve fallen in love with Fallout 3. I loved 1. I loved 2. I was stoked for months. It came out and now I can’t play it. I can’t convince men to kill themselves. I can’t sell people into slavery. I can’t set off a nuclear explosion in the middle of a town. I can’t rush in at the last moment and save members of the Brotherhood of Steel from a deadly encounter with a house sized Super Mutant.

And the worst part of all is I can’t do a Kenshiro Playthrough. I have to wait before I can relive Fist of The North Star: Fallout Edition.

…If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be crying in a corner and playing Fallout 2 with a broken heart…

On NaNoWriMo08

Posted: 2 November, 2008 in Blogging by GWT

Haha, I’m ready this time!

This year, I have an idea already planned out! I have the character notes, the setting, little illustrations to help picture, a ton of plot ready to be written, funny dialouge, and even a new writing style to try out. There’s absolutely nothing to hold me back from hitting 50,000 words…no, going beyond 50,000 words! All I have to do is sit down and get to it.

…But, I will not be participating this year.
Unfortunately, I have deadline to reach with Cocytus that overtakes NaNoWrimo in priority. Should this deadline be missed, the entire project stalls for a year and nothing will get accomplished. I simply can’t have that. So, I’m bowing out.

Have fun, everyone. GWT will be too busy to join in. Maybe in 2010.