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That is, Resolutions and people who aren’t me!

The New years Resolution. What a wonderful/terrible thing. Each year, the majority of the population makes a promise to do/not do something this year.

“I want to quit smoking!”

“I want to lose weight!”

“I-I want to…to kill everyone!”

Really, they’re good things. In theory. People love to make the promise to change, but lets be honest, we all suck as human beings. None of us can keep promises. Hell, half of us can’t even tell good lies. I mean, really. Look in the mirror and say “I’m going to make a profound change in my life and all of those who think otherwise can go right to hell, those insensitive buggers!” Hm? What’s that? I don’t hear you saying it. Well, I’d rub it in, but there’s no point to do so this early in the article, so lets move right along.

The resolution is a lie we tell when we’re drunk / hung over / stink of gunpowder / etc on National Hangover Day New Years. People aren’t in they’re right minds when they say things. Though…occasionally they are and do manage to make these silly promises come true…well, lets not talk about them for the sake of argument.

Now, I’m quite aware of what I’ve said here and I understand the oxymoron of what is about to occur, but here goes:

GWT’S RESOLUTIONS: Things to improve on

  1. Finish a novel, for god sakes

I’ve been working on Psycho Dust for more than a year at this point. I think it’s about damn time I pick up the slack and finish the thing, no?

Edit: Psycho Dust is Now complete!

  1. Get into college this time

With the military funding me, it shouldn’t be a problem of money but my sheer laziness. I mean, I could teach myself programming languages and web design, but…well….yeah. School is cool and all that bull.

  1. Form a meaningful relationship

It seems my love life flip flops each year. One year I’ll be with someone who I can actually say was a great person and may hazard a use of the L word. Others…

You know who you are. Next.

  1. Form a portfolio

Thank god for the internet; you can put a portfolio out to the mass public and be discovered easily. However, my problem is simply not having a portfolio. THIS MUST BE REMEDIED.

  1. Exercise. Muscle tone.

Self explanatory. The frail artist look doesn’t work anymore.

Things NOT to change at all

  1. Continue to follow Heroes.

Yeah, I know. Heroes went bad this season. Between a muddled plot and the writers strike, things didn’t not go a planned. So, uh…a lot of fans are dropping it. I’m not. Here’s hoping it gets better.

  1. Do not curb nerdism. Embrace it

I enjoy being a nerd. Thus, I will capitalize on it. Literature! Computers! Anime! Lets the skies rain on me and my hidden nerdom!

  1. Nice people suck. Be a spiteful bastard, you spiteful bastard you!

It’s true. Admit it. You enjoy hanging around that bitter cynical bastard who belittles everyone he sees instead of the bright, flowery individual who smiles and hates it when someone is being a ‘meany pants’. Fuck them, you’d rather be talking to me than your ditzy hippie friends.

Cynicism is the best, baby!