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“When this ends,” She told me. “I will consume you.”

So said the monster that wore the human form. She declared such a thing boldly as she stood there that day, beautiful and deadly all at the same time. Her skin was flawless. Her figure was impeccable. Her eyes hypnotic. Even her smell was intoxicating.

But at the same time, I felt myself obligated to stay away. I could feel the horrendous intent to kill she displayed. I could almost see her in action, mercilessly destroying those she deemed less than scrap. Her entire being was designed to feed on the prey known as human. This woman was specifically engineered to be the worlds most dangerous killer.

She was a being beyond my comprehension, hiding in a human form.

I contracted her to protect me. We lived, we fought, we explored. I was the master, she was my servant. At least, that was the facade on the outside.

But I knew, before the day was done, that I was the one moving to her whim. When the time came for her collect payment, she wouldn’t hesitate. I was a way to alleviate her boredom. I was a meal ready to be consumed.

“Can I eat you now?” She would tease. “I can’t wait to eat you.”

She would say such things in a way that made it difficult to say no. I found myself wondering how it would feel. Would she take her time and savor me? Enjoy the taste of my body as she nibbled slowly at my limbs? Or would she gobble me whole, spitting the bones out when she was done.

I found that the thought of knowing I would die at her hand was exhilarating.

How would I die?

Would it be quick?

Would it be painful?

The thoughts ran through my mind on restless nights. I often puzzled over them in my dreams. I found myself noticing her habits more, marveling over her features, impressed by the differences in our anatomy. I could estimate the sharpness of her teeth as well as the number. I could calculate how fast she would tear my body apart.

I had fallen in love with this predator before I knew it.

However, a turn of events changed things.

“I…It’s not like I chose you specifically or anything…”

She said such a thing to me with a shifty glance once day. Her face was flushed red.

“The thing is…my race…well, its completely normal.”

She fidgets.

“That is…its that time. I couldn’t resist the cravings anymore no matter how hard I tried. So I’m asking you…”

It was the first time I thought such a monster could be vulnerable. I found it irresistible.

“Gladly,” I replied as I scooped her up. She smiled and cooed under my touch, a side of her I had never seen before.

That night, I became her mate.

A drastic turn. We spent out nights together, we slowly became lovers. She cared for me as deeply as I cared for her. A human and a monster that looked human. Hah, we must have seemed ridiculous to anyone who saw us from the outside.

We were incompatible species. We could never produce offspring.

Our lifespans were drastically different. I would age, while she would remain the same.

The contract was all but forgotten. She would occasionally tease me about it, saying that she hadn’t forgot that she would eat me. I would only laugh it off and she would make a face.

However, it seemed that fate would not let it be. I had quickly come down with an illness that would soon prove to be absolutely fatal. By the time my health had finally begun to fail, my body was a shell of what it used to be. I had lost weight. My skin was pale. I looked as if death had come to me in the night and proceeded to do whatever it could to disfigure me, while she was as beautiful as she had been the day I summoned her.

“…Thats the problem with humans. Your days are fleeting.”

She whispered this to me with red eyes as I lay bedridden. She clutched my hand with a weary smile.

“You serve better as pets than lovers. But that was my mistake.”

She brings my hand to her mouth. Her soft lips deliver a tender kiss to it.


She said it.

The words that I knew would come one day.

“…Shall I eat you now then?”

I made no protest as she smiles. Her expression was both beautiful and monstrous. I could sense it – this carnivore was the woman I loved. She would end my suffering for me in the most loving way possible for her.


I croak as she holds my palm to her face.

“…Eat your fill. I’m ready.”

And so, she began to feast.

Her tongue, long and silken, dragged across my fingers, tasting me. She sucked each one, like a professional taster of wines and fine foods. From my fingers to my arm, to my shoulder to my neck. Her hot breath blew against my neck, smelling like a sweet nectar that tickled my sense of smell.

My body tingled as she nibbles my neck gently, tauntingly. Her lips kiss the side of my neck gingerly.

“Your whole body is sweet,” she whispers. “Its like tasting a delicious candy…”

Her fingers dance along my stomach.

“I don’t know where to start…it all seems so delicious…”

She lifts my hand to her face once more. She kisses the palm of my hand.

“I think I’ll start here…” She whispers. “I want to savor you, to enjoy your flavor…”




Her fangs sink into my hand.

Her teeth go through everything.

My skin, my muscle, my bone, my marrow. Several veins and nerves all disappear in her mouth.

It is absolutely beautiful. The feeling is the greatest euphoria, the most satisfying feeling I’ve ever experienced. No amount of pleasure can be compared to the sensation that runs through my body.

She licks the bloody stump that is my wrist hungrily. Her eyes stare up at me with a lust I’ve never seen in her.

She doesn’t stop.

My flesh is torn. My meat is hungrily devoured. The marrow is sucked right out of my bones. She twirls my intestines like spaghetti. Every inch of me in consumed by this carnivore. My entire body exist for this creature in a woman’s skin to feed upon.

So why…?

Why does her satisfied face make me smile…

Why do I smile as she splits my skull open and tastes my brain?

“Everything about you is delicious,” she gasps. “Its so filling…my mind is going blank…”

Her body brushes against my mangled remaining flesh. Her skin is drenches in sweat, slippery to the feel. Her breathing is slow, pained. I feel her lips kiss my chin, leaving a bloodstain like a lipstick print.

Her pleasure is palpable.

The last sight I see as the world around me fades is her bloodstained smile…


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