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On Strange Foods

Posted: 25 March, 2008 in Blogging by GWT
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Looks Like Rubber Bands, Taste Like Delicious

Dried cuddlefish; taste just like squid jerky. Mmm mmm, hits the spot!


On Persona 4….

Posted: 18 March, 2008 in Blogging by GWT
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I usually don’t do this, as I’m not much of a reviewer on games, but I absolutely love the Persona series. Not only is it awesome, but it’s awesome. So then, after falling in love with Persona 3, I couldn’t help but be anxious for a Persona 4.

LO AND BEHOLD, IT COMES TO BE! Revealed in the latest issue of Famitsu comes Persona 4, which has been revealed to take place in a Rural setting. A release date as already been speculated for June 10th, as the game is 85% complete at this very moment.

180+ Personas round out our summoners this time, though it’s not clear if the summoning aspect still retains its flavor from Persona 3 with the Evokers or goes back to basics with JoJo style name calling.
The theme is murder mystery/suspense, it’s a mystery thriller with twists and turns, drawing comparisons to Higurashi for this blogger, which is certainly not a bad thing. Multiple Endings are rumored, so lets hope that the endings are actual endings (unlike Persona 3, where it’s just an extra scene in the end.)

1.5x the size of P3 with 60-70 hours of gameplay is promising, and the days of the week system seems to be returning with a new weather forecast system. Much like the full moon in 3, there are events tied to the weather; whenever there is a fog, a murder occurs, much like the Shadow Battles of its predecessor.

Keep a look out, because I’ll definely be posting about this one frequently!