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The Following Preview has been rated [NIE]

(Not In Existence)


Mysterious events are happening at Nagai High!

Teachers and Students disappear for days, only to come back acting strangely!

PE Teacher: “Starting today, Dodgeball forever!!”

Strange people are see wandering around town! Are they searching for something?

Strange Man: This is Number 6. The object has been spotted…

The Principal is acting suspiciously. Is he up to something?

Principal: There’s no time left…

And where are the students getting these weird abilities from?!

Eikichi: They call me…Shinigami!!
Ryouga: Eh!? What’s this strange feeling?

Could Something be afoot!?
Time to investigate!
Wear your uniform with pride! It’s time to defend!

Nekketsu Gakkyuu Seishou!!


Coming Soon to a Webcomic Videogame Console Novel Never form of media near you!


On Visual Novels…

Posted: 23 May, 2008 in Blogging by GWT
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In collaberation with a few others, GWT has begun work on a Visual Novel. It is entitled “Inazuma Detective Agency”, and will involve a team of detectives investigating the occult.

Stay tuned for details!


Posted: 17 May, 2008 in Blogging by GWT


On MGS4…

Posted: 14 May, 2008 in Blogging by GWT

Bam! On video post after another! I’m so excited for this that I think I might just crap myself in excitement. And I don’t even own a PS3!

…By the way, the Beauty’s actually look hotter than their model counterparts. Must be all that extra gloss.


Posted: 14 May, 2008 in Blogging by GWT
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This video. My mind = Blown. Now, I think I need to go check if I have diabetes.