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See this? Well no you don’t, its blurry. So I’ll sum it up:

IF wearing backless shirt
THEN make sure you’re wearing the proper underwears.


On Super Street Fighter IV

Posted: 6 April, 2010 in Blogging by GWT

I usually don’t put videos on here but my god is this commercial well designed.

If only the people who designed it did the cover (because that thing is hideoderous).

Intro (Third Edit)

Posted: 4 April, 2010 in Blogging by GWT, Psycho Dust


Ah, wait. If I’m going to tell this story, I should do it so people everywhere can read it.

Hello. My name is Atsuko Daisuke. (more…)

Jesus Christ is the most dangerous monster to have ever lived. And he has a holiday with rabbits that lay eggs.

The year is 2005. Its the summer before my junior year of high school, and I’m bored. It is in this boredom – a time of no TV or internet due to a fresh move – that I turn on my ancient desktop and boot up Microsoft Word. I plunk away at the keys and, upon finishing two pages, log on to my forgotten fictionpress account and upload it to the world as “Prolouge”. That was the day Psycho Dust was born.

Wait, no. Thats not quite right. It was 2003 when Psycho Dust was born.
2003, the year I graduated from writing bad fanfiction to bad “fiction that may as well have been fanfiction” to bad fiction without the strings.
The year I wrote three stories that all died in the water. Bad story with a bad title, bad story that was a thinly coated cover of Inuyasha fanfiction, and Psycho Dust Awful.

Those were dark days. I think it’s best we don’t bring them up again.

Anyway, What is Psycho Dust?

Psycho Dust is a tale of love, struggle, and triumphing over adversity for the sake of it all. (Its really none of this)
Psycho Dust is a story about psychics, nanomachines, aliens, the status of a weapon that may or may exist, and how they all affect a young man named Atsuko Daisuke, who may as well be the Japanese Arthur Dent.

And this month, I’ll be editing it and sending it out to the world where no one will read it but I’ll feel better about it!