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On RockBand…

Posted: 13 July, 2008 in Blogging by GWT

Let it be known that I, GWT, suck at Guitar Hero.

Honestly, I’m terrible at it. I can barely play the first few songs on easy, let alone shatter songs like Through the Fire and Flames like some people do. I personally can’t see how people do it. I mean, I like the game, but I’m just not good at it.

However, RockBand. Oh my god, RockBand.
Guitar? Drums? Vocals? Oh god yes!

I bought RockBand last night, for a party at a friends house. After a few drinks and twenty minutes of putting together the drum set (do it before drinking, not after), we put together a band and got the show on the road.

(The Band was called Daisetsu Rock, named after a band I named for a story I wrote in English class.)

Somehow, I wound up going from Drums to Vocals (I blame the drinks) and in a few hours, we were blowing through songs left and right with 5 star ratings on Hard.

I love this game. Let it be known, I LOVE this game.

Now if only I could get my Guitar Hero controller to work. The quicker we get a full band running, the better!