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I imagine an encounter with my past self would go something like this…




Warning: This was written under the influence of painkillers. Sorry in advance.

There’s a large growing problem I’ve noticed in fiction. In and of itself, its not an issue, but the way it’s tackled is something that really should be addressed.

That problem, of course, is sexuality. Whenever sexuality appears in a work, it’s never addressed in a way that makes it feel like anything other than being tacked on. I don’t mean stuff like Gay and Lesbian fiction – thats a whole ‘nother can of beans I’m not qualified to get into – but marking characters as Straight or Gay and doing it wrong.

Its as bad as the “token racial” thing. Somehow, a token gay has become a good character or what not.

Let me explain, lest I come off as a jerk or insensitve. Someone simply has to point this out.