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I’m jumping ship.

I used to write on a WordPress based blogging platform. But, as much as I love this place, it’s simply too…slow? Too bogged down? Too choked, even? I honestly can’t put it in words, but while it’s reliable as all get out, it just feels so…something. Like the two of us have grown apart.

With that in mind, I searched. I tried other platforms. I even considered self hosting a wordpress suite. But in the end, I came up with a single idea:

I already host a blog dedicated to my dreams on tumblr. Why not host another dedicated to every day writing and life overall?

So, here we are. I, GWT, have jumped ship to Tumblr. Maybe I’ll enjoy my stay. Maybe I’ll go back to WordPress. Either way, here I am.

I’m GWT. And when I’m not sometimes sleeping, I usually write.


I think this one explains itself…

There are certain times in the year where large scale releases occur. Thats not to say something world changing comes out during that time period, per se; something big can come out by itself, but thats not enough to call it a big month.

A big month is when everything comes out at once in a vast conspiracy to wreck your wallet. March 2010 is one of those months.

Look at a list of releases this month. Final Fantasy XIII, Pokemon, a new Gorillaz CD, and those are big name. Really, take a look.

Welcome to No Money March. I’ve kissed my paychecks goodbye. Have you?

What are YOU looking forward to?

On Hipster Culture

Posted: 26 February, 2010 in Article, Blogging by GWT

Man, I’m glad I never took part in this. Hipsters are the worst, right next to people who talk in the theater and child molesters.

With their coffee sipping and scene writing and their “irony” and their jeans that are so skinny that you can see their unmentionables…back in my day, I tell you what…

Show me your Commander Shepard!